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“I have promoted the DVMEGA-Cast multimode IP radio many times because I am sold on it (I now have two of them with a third one on its way). I know several have purchased the DVMEGA-Cast, and I want to make sure you all get this Wi-Fi update fix.”

Update: Dear DVMEGA-Cast users, we just released an update to fix the wifi-powersave. In the Pi-Star configuration menu run update, and when it has finished, run it again. This will fix powersave issues for wifi-dongles that would sometimes stop working.

Please note that this is not the major update that will soon be released adding new features to the already feature rich multimode IP radio Stay tuned for that to come out soon

“The DVMEGA Cast is a multimode IP radio based on the AMBE3000 vocoder for digital DMR, D-Star and C4FM modes, all in one box. The DVMEGA Cast is compatible with all digital amateur radio networks like BrandMeister, DMR+, IPSC2, C4FM, YSF, FSC, D-STAR, REF, XRF, XLX, DSC, etc.
Note: This was intended to be about the DVMEGA-Cast Wi-Fi update and ended up sounding more like an advertisement of which it is not. What it is, is me sharing with others about a produce and digital voice modes I genuinely enjoy.”

Dan / K7REX

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